About Remedy Floor

Remedyfloor is all about you…….

Our aim is to utilize every person in the country to independently connect with doctor and patient online. Remedyfloor is known as one of the best online health classifieds platform and there is a reason behind that. We care about you and the time that bring you closer to your health. Want to meet your doctor, We are here for you. Want to reach out with your local patient to visit at place, We’re here for you.

When you are looking for healthcare services, it is sometimes difficult to get connected to the right person, someone who offers the best care or to know the cost of services being offered. RemedyFloor would like to be a bridge that gives you access to healthcare services across the country. We bring to you a service platform, which lets you search for professionals doctors based on specialty and their affiliation. Connect easily to doctors anytime, anywhere at the tap of a button on Remedyfloor.

RemedyFloor.com is a unique platform where you can get all your health related services under one site. We provide several services for both users and doctors.

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